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Methadone/Suboxone Treatment Pricing

Addiction is expensive. Most people don’t realize the true cost of addiction because it is a slow insidious drain on finances, friendships, careers, and eventually life itself.

Take time to inform yourself about the economics of addiction to understand how substance abuse will impact your financial health for years to come.

Methadone Treatment Pricing

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Pricing and Economic Costs

opioid addiction treatment

Methadone Treatment Pricing

Liquid Medication – $11.00 per day

Tablet Medication – $12.00 per day

$60.00 Admission fee waived for the first six months of operation.

Economics of Addiction

Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Add It Up

Take time to tally the results to understand the real threat to your financial future. The sooner treatment begins the better the chance for success. Early intervention reduces the risk of illness, injury, increased legal and insurance rate, and completion of educational or professional goals.

Compare. The cost of treatment amounts to very little in the big picture.

The differences in annual income for one single year between finishing school and failing to complete a degree adds up.

Even using the most conservative estimates, the economics of addiction create a devastating financial impact for years to come. 

The cost of treatment often amounts to only a few weeks or months of use when the total impact is calculated.

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Methadone Treatment

Breaking The Cycle

There’s no question that breaking the cycle of opioid addiction is hard.

When you decide to seek help and begin your journey to a drug-free lifestyle, Brand New Start Treatment Centers will walk hand-in-hand with you through every step.

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