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What to Look for When Choosing a Methadone Clinic in Georgia

Methadone Clinic in Georgia

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If you decided that you want to start living a life of sobriety, free from opioid addiction, congratulations! It’s an important decision to make, and you have a difficult road ahead, but with the right treatment and dedication, you can start to live a healthy, drug-free life you’re proud of.

But with all the different treatment options available, how do you get started? How do you know what treatment plan and what recovery facility is right for you?

If you’ve decided that a medication-based treatment is the right option for you, you’ll want to take a look at the methadone clinics in Georgia and decide which one is best for your particular needs. Here are some of the major factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the recovery services and treatment center you need.

What to Look for in a Methadone Clinic in Georgia

Medical Attention

Methadone treatment must be advised, prescribed, and monitored by a medical professional. That’s why Brand New Start employs compassionate, dedicated physicians to devise a treatment plan completely tailored to your medical needs. Individualized treatment rejects the idea that there is a one-size fits all solution for those suffering from addiction. The combination of medication, counseling, case management, and psychological services makes sure that all your personal needs are being met.

Medication-assisted treatment minimizes withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for patients to focus on their counseling. The combination of counseling and medication like methadone and buprenorphine makes for a more successful, long-term solution to minimize relapses.

Combination of Counseling and Medication

Methadone alone cannot solve the root problem of addiction. A major factor in a successful opioid addiction treatment plan is proper substance abuse counseling. Trained psychologists can help you get to the source of your addiction. Whether you’re driven to use through trauma, self-medication, or external pressures, your counselor will help you access that reasoning and then help you devise a plan to stop yourself from using in the future.

A Caring Staff

Seeking out help for your addiction can make you feel vulnerable. To make the process as painless as possible, you’ll want to confide in a compassionate and kind staff. Everyone at Brand New Start, from the case management workers to the physicians, to the people working at the check-in desk, is here to see you succeed and is rooting for you every step of the way. Make sure you pick a methadone clinic where people genuinely care about your success.


When taken correctly, methadone is extremely safe. However, to make sure you’re on the right dosage, taking the medication responsibly, and attending your counseling and case management sessions, you want a methadone clinic that will hold you accountable to your treatment plan.

Things like combining medication with alcohol are extremely dangerous, and you want a physician who will check in on you. Side effects are also possible on methadone, and you want to be able to report any possible symptoms to your medical provider in the event that your dosage must be changed or you must stop using methadone immediately.

Brand New Start encourages their physicians, psychologists, and caseworkers to consistently check in on you to make sure you are safe and proceeding with your treatment plan successfully. If for any reason, you’re struggling, they’re here to help you get back on track.


Not all insurances cover treatment programs for people suffering from opioid use disorder. That’s why Brand New Start proudly accepts Medicare and many major insurances at all four locations. Having a facility in your area is no use to you if you can’t afford the treatment it offers.

With insurance, methadone doses only cost a few dollars a day: a significantly more affordable option than illicit drug use.

Because of how often you need to return to the clinic for different appointments during your recovery process, being close in proximity is an important factor in selecting a clinic. That’s why Brand New Start has four locations across the state of Georgia, so we’re there for anyone looking for treatment.

Why Brand New Start is the Best Methadone Clinic in Georgia

If you’re looking to start your journey to sobriety at a methadone clinic in Georgia, Brand New Start is here to help. At each of our four locations, we offer expert physician care, compassionate counseling services, responsible accountability, and a caring staff who will walk with you every step of the way.

End your opiate addiction by reaching out to Brand New Start today.

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