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What Are the Side Effects of Methadone Treatment?

methandone side effects

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Let’s start with what exactly Methadone is. It’s a drug that is often used to treat addiction to heroin or other opiates. It is most commonly taken orally, but can also be injected if necessary.

Methadone is a synthetic agonist that eliminates withdrawal symptoms and reduces drug cravings. It does this by acting on the same opioid receptors in the brain that other opioids do, such as heroin, morphine, and other opioid pain medications.

Methadone has very different physical effects than heroin, morphine, and other opiate drugs. It is not a drug substitute, but rather a medication used in an approved course of treatment to overcome opiate addiction. Methadone also helps patients reduce typical drug-seeking behaviors associated with opiate abuse, such as unsuccessful efforts to stop using, forsaking obligations to get more drugs, and using in spite of negative consequences.

Side Effects of Methadone Treatment:

Methadone is effective in helping individuals overcome their addiction, but it can also have some mild side effects.

  • The most common side effects are drowsiness and dizziness.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and constipation (These are usually temporary until the individual’s system adjusts to taking Methadone)
  • Dry mouth (This is caused by increased saliva production that accompanies opioid use; this should go away after a few weeks)
  • Loss of appetite (This is usually temporary)
  • Skin rash or flushing (this can be caused by lower blood pressure, but tends to go away after the first few days of treatment)

Some experts compare methadone treatment to the use of insulin for individuals with diabetes. The diabetic individual is dependent upon insulin, but they are effectively managing a chronic disease using a prescribed and carefully monitored medication.

Signs of Methadone and Opioids Abuse

If you believe that someone you care about is abusing methadone or other opioids, get assistance right away. The following are some of the warning signs to look for.

  • Euphoria
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dry mouth
  • Sedation or sleepiness
  • Delayed reactions
  • Short attention span
  • Eyelids that droop
  • Low body temperature
  • Low blood pressure
  • No reaction (or little reaction) to light

A New Beginning With Brand New Start

We recognize that no two addiction situations are the same, which is why we work with you to create a treatment plan that begins where you are. During recovery, we’ll not only assist you with the physical symptoms of withdrawal but also with the underlying issues that prompted your substance abuse.

There’s no doubt that breaking the opioid addiction cycle is difficult. But we are here to help. Brand New Start Treatment Centers provides effective and affordable methadone treatment in a safe space for patients with non-judgemental and caring counselors who are private and respectful. We will walk with you every step of the way as you seek help and begin your journey to a drug-free lifestyle.

Reach out to Brand New Start and speak with a counselor today.

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Breaking The Cycle

There’s no question that breaking the cycle of opioid addiction is hard.

When you decide to seek help and begin your journey to a drug-free lifestyle, Brand New Start Treatment Centers will walk hand-in-hand with you through every step.

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