Medicare Methadone Treatment DeKalb County

Medicare Methadone Treatment DeKalb County


New Start Methadone Treatment Center in Norcross works for addicts and those with co-occurring mental health conditions who just like you, are dealing with moderate addiction problems. They may live in safe environments, carry out day to day tasks and have access to a support network. However, they also have a drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction, oftentimes with co-occurring mental health conditions or underlying trauma. No matter how moderate or severe the problem, the disease model of addiction still applies. It teaches that substance abuse is a chronic illness of the brain with physiological and psychological manifestations. You wouldn?t dream of handling other chronic diseases by yourself.

Therefore, you recognize the importance of getting help with an experienced Behavioral Health and addiction team. This is where many are unsure about how to proceed. At the Methadone treatment center in Norcross, Ga, you have options. Here?s a typical path to recovery.


If Drugs or Alcohol are at play, detox isn?t an optional step. However, it doesn?t have to take long, either. The goal is to break the physical hold that a drug has on you. Before you can transition to Methadone Clinics, you have to get sober.

Methadone Outpatient Treatment Center DeKalb County lets you break the physiological addiction. You will have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Because medical supervision is a given, you won?t have to endure pain. After a few days or a week, you?re typically able to transition to the next phase of care.

New Start Methadone Treatment Center is ideally suited for a person with a high level of motivation to get and stay clean. Additionally, it enables you to exercise more control over your life and choices.

A methadone clinic is a place where a person who is addicted to opioid-based drugs, such as heroin or prescription painkillers, can receive medication-based therapy. Patients receive methadone or the brand name version known as Dolophine, which is an opioid analgesic. This drug treatment is often referred to as replacement therapy.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, methadone can be administered as a pill or in liquid and wafer forms. It is used to prevent the onset of opioid withdrawal and, via the phenomenon of cross-tolerance development with regular use, block the effects of opiate pain medications, including morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and other semi-synthetic opioids. Although the treatment must be prescribed by a doctor, it is not a cure for addiction issues. It is nonetheless considered effective during the treatment and rehabilitation process as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

The two main types of drug abuse clinics are public and private. All methadone clinics in the US are strictly regulated by state and federal laws. The treatment provided at a clinic has several effects. People who have visited one may see the following benefits.