I just wanted to say thank you so much. I appreciate how you, the doctors and nurses and JJ helped me when I was in need. The treatment center saved my life.
Brand New Start has an amazing staff. They are so caring and kind. They are extremely supportive and are like family.
They get me in for treatment, make me aware of any additional requirements and send me on my way in the most reasonable amount of time. Every other clinic I have been to, except one, created a situation where if you have to be to work at 730 or 800 am then you wind up in a waiting room so full of people trying to get their medicine and their day started, that you have to be there at 500 or 530 and wait an hour or more. I have waited at other clinics as much as two hours all too often.
Long waits get very frustrating and I have seen people drop out of the program for this reason alone. They seem to understand this because it is obvious they put great importance on the goal of quick, efficient, total care visits. This adds to the overall feel that your time and your schedule is just as important to them as it is to you.
Far and away the best run of all the Methadone Maintenance facilities I have been associated with and would recommend them to anyone considering this path to healing for opiate dependency.
With this new medicine, I’ve got control because it stays with you all day, in one single dose. Now it don’t control me cause I’m good all day and night with one dose!
The decision to start down the path of recovery is not only a difficult one but can also be a scary one. The unknowns and what-ifs can cause you to stay on the path of self-destruction.
I have received nothing short of total respect and understanding of the needs and desires of a patient receiving very long term care for a very difficult disease. I have never been made to feel that any of the stigmas often associated with methadone treatment had any place in their program or their policies.