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We help our patients overcome their dependence on painkillers, heroin, and opiate-based medications. Methadone and Suboxone treatment is successful in relieving the cravings for Opioids, eliminating withdrawal symptoms during treatment, and blocking the euphoric effects one may experience when using Opioids. We will help you manage and overcome your dependency.
Methadone Treatment

Methadone / Suboxone

What to Expect With Your Treatment

Georgia Medicare Methadone Treatment

Your Treatment Plan

When entering our program, you will be assigned to a counselor with specialized training in the treatment of opioid dependency.

Your counselor works with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs, with the goal of improving your quality of life and overcoming your dependency on Opioids. Your counselor will utilize the most current research in providing treatment services.

During Methandone / Suboxone Treatment

Your treatment will be guided by an individualized Methadone or Suboxone treatment plan, which is reviewed and updated every ninety (90) days.

During treatment, you will meet with your counselor on a regular schedule, take methadone or Suboxone on a daily basis, and develop recovery skills that will facilitate your ability to manage your relapse triggers and live a drug-free lifestyle.

Your progress in treatment will be measured by several techniques, including random urine drug screens, which are collected monthly or more frequently as clinically indicated.

After a period of time, you will gradually be allowed to take methadone or Suboxone home, and reduce the number of days you will have to be in attendance at the treatment center.

Methadone Treatment Pricing

Our Promises To You

  • To provide effective treatment for those suffering from an addiction to opiates or narcotics and other drug dependencies.
  • To offer services to help women, men and families beginning the process of recovery.
  • To create an environment of caring compassion and trust within which the process of healing can begin.
  • To nurture an environment that is built upon honesty, integrity and high ethical standards.
  • To maintain strength in our program of individualized care which respects the dignity of each person who seeks treatment here.
  • To continuously improve the patient care and satisfaction through the study, analysis and refinement of all processes and systems.
  • To continuously educate our staff, patients and the community about the treatment of opiate dependency with the use of methadone.

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Breaking The Cycle

There’s no question that breaking the cycle of opioid addiction is hard.

When you decide to seek help and begin your journey to a drug-free lifestyle, Brand New Start Treatment Centers will walk hand-in-hand with you through every step.

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